Sunday, May 14, 2006

With whatever fits...

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Oh yeah, I remember now why I live here.

Sometimes, when I've let myself get in a staid routine, I have to act like a tourist and do something to remind myself why I picked up and moved half way accross the country -- bringing with me what would fit in my VW convertible, just under a thousand dollars, and that is all. Everything that didn't fit, I quickly realized was superfluous anyway. I made sure to fit clothes, my laptop and my camera equipment. That's pretty much it.

Very cleansing...and borderline crazy. I've been told it was brave. Sure, in many ways it was irresponsible, but it took the cojones I knew I had but never displayed. Yeah, selfishness played in, but it was high time I acted that way. Damnit that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now, most days, it seems like the smallest leap, no big deal. But then there are those times, where I catapult myself out of my routine and my surroundings appear fresh and undiscovered.

Take a boat ride. Take some photos of where you live and feel like a foreigner in your own neighborhood. Buy a pack a pack of smokes that aren't your brand (SMOKING KILLS). Walk to some shops that aren't a chain. Have a meal in a Mom and Pop joint. See some live music.

Just break out of it.