Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dominican Republic

I'm feeling some regret for deleting all my old postings about the Dominican Republic from this blog. Why did I do such a crazy thing? So I'm going to post a photo (taken by my sister, Alicia Chavier Caamano) here of my favorite place on earth. The Bahia de Las Aguilas in the Peninsula de Pedernales.  I am feeling a feverish homesickness this season because this is when I normally get ready to leave on assignment.   I keep looking for flight prices but this time I have no real plan for travel. Must find a reason. Press trip anyone?

One of the best reasons to go to the DR is dancing. Merengue (the national dance) and bachata (the naughtier sister dance) light the soul of the nation. You certainly cannot travel anywhere within the nation without hearing either of the tunes. If you vacation there, take a lesson in either or both. Baila. You will be changed for life. Trust me.